Q. Why should I come to Maruti Service Masters for Servicing of my car?
A. Maruti Sevice Masers is an ISO certified service station Owned and Operated by MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD ,equipped with world class tools & equipments, Bodyshop repair & refinish paint system , customer care & assistance , well trained professional technical staff to take care of your car.

Q. What is the importance of " Periodic Maintenace Service " ?
A. To prolong the life of your vehicle and reduce maintenance costs, the periodic maintenance must be carried out accoding to the "PERIODIC MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE" described in "INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE " section of vehicle's OWNER'S MANUAL & SERVICE BOOKLET.

Q. What is the periodicity of " Periodic Maintenance Service " ?
A. At an interval of 10,000 Km. or one year whichever occurs first.

Q. What are the different types of free services and what is the periodicity of these services ?
A. 1. First free service : 1000 km or one month from the date of sale whichever occurs is earlier. 2. Second free service : 5000 km or 6 months from the date of sale whichever occurs is earlier. 3. Third Free service : 10000 km or one year from the date of sale whichever occurs is earlier.

Q. Is cost of consumables covered under free services ?
A. No,As per MSIL policy "COST OF MATERIALS AND CONSUMABLES TO BE BORNE BY CUSTOMER". It is also mentioned in the free service coupon inside the owner's manual .

Q. What is Express Service ?
A. Express service is the process to perform faster service of vehicles for higher customer satisfaction. Vehicles of particular criteria are serviced through express service.Dedicated manpower, with pre-defined roles and responsibilities,start performing their job roles on the vehicle.The process of the Express service reduces idle time with increased efficiency. Expected time of service process is 1.5 to 2:00Hrs.

Vehicles having only Scheduled Service Jobs with No Major Repair/ Diagnostic problems. (Excluding 40,000 Km. & 80,000 Kms Service or Vehicles with Major repairs like Clutch , Gear Box, Brakes , Suspension and Steering Overhaul jobs etc are excluded from Express Services.)

Q. What is Two Tech Bay?
A. In Two Tech Bay two technicians are deputed with high productive tools to carry out the service faster. All type Service & Repair jobs are attended in Two Tech Bay

Q. What is Super Express Service?
A. Vehicles requiring 1st / 2nd / 3rd Free services as per MSIL Schedule services are covered under Super Express. This gives quicker delivery to customers who may prefer to wait in Customer lounge. Expected time of Service is 01 -1.5Hrs

Q. What is warranty policy term?
A. The term of the Warranty shall be twenty four (24) months or 40,000 kms (whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery to the first owner.

Q. Will warranty of the vehicle get effected if ownership of the vehicle changes?
A. No, even if owenership of the vehicle changes, the remaining warranty period is effective for the new owner.

Q. What is Extended Warranty ?
A. Customer can extend the warranty by one or two years for a nominal amount , anytime before the vehicle crosses 2 years or 40,000 kms , whichever is earlier .

Q. Which is Extended Warranty Coverage ?
A. Mechanical & electrical breakdown of parts like engine, gearbox, steering , electrical items like Starter Motor,Alternator etc. are covered under extended warranty. ( For more details please refer to the extended warranty contract form & dealer).

Q. What is extended Warranty validity?
A. Validity of the Extended warranty would be as per plan chosen - plan-1 : 3rd yr or upto 60,000 kms(whichever occurs first) plan-2 : 3rd & 4th yr or upto 80,000 kms(whichever occurs first) from the date of sale of new vehicle after the expiry of the primary warranty of 2yrs/40,000 kms .

Q. What are the advantages of extended warranty ?
A. Extended warranty provides total peace of mind and also ensures a higher resale value for the car and it is available at nominal amount.

Q. Is MSM technical manpower trained ?
A. Yes all our technical manpower are well trained . They receive all necessary training at STC, MSIL, Gurgaon. In addition they receive certification from MSIL.

Q. Who Controls the Services ?
A. Maruti Service Masters is a Joint venture company of Maruti Suzuki. All operations are controlled by Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Q. Do you provide breakdown service ?
A. We provide minor repair services through MOS . In case of major repairs the car is towed back to our workshop .

Q. Can I use my lubes for my vehicle ?
A. We usually do not recommend customer bringing his own type of Lube . We have an online oil delivery system in our workshop and we use recommended lube grades by Maruti Suzuki for its cars .

Q. What Engine oil do you use at top ups ?
A. We use Maruti Approved Genuine Oils of brand for replacement / top up.

A. 24 Hour Maruti On Road Service ( MOS) centre during and emergency and help will be on its way to you (you can call at 18001021800).
A computerized call monitoring system dispatches mobile MOS Van to you at the earliest You will be charged only as per MSIL recommended rats.


Q. What is the source of spare parts used at MSM ?
A. We at MSM purchase Maruti Genuine Parts ( MGP) & accessories (MGA) from Spare Parts Division of MSIL

Q. What are the advantages of using genuine spare parts ?
A. Genuine Spare parts usage provide performance , safety & comfort to the customer .


Q. What is the AMC PLAN?
A. AMC is a Annual Maintenance Contract for service and repair of your vehicle(Non accidetal)

Q. What are the various types of AMC offered by MSM ?
A. There are three types of AMC Plans area. Silver Plus b. Gold c. Gold Plus

Q. What are the main features of Silver Plus, Gold & Gold Plus AMC ?
A. a. Silver Plus : Unlimited Labor b. Gold: Unlimited Labor + Scheduled Parts as recommedned by MSIL c. Gold Plus : Unlimited Labor + Unlimited Parts(Plastic Parts, Glasses & Ornamental Parts are not coverd under this plan)

Q. Can a customer select AMC at any particular mileage of His/Her Car ?
A. Yes he/she can select AMC at any particular mileage in multiples of 10,000 Km.(Not more than 80,000 Km.)

Q. What is cost of AMC PLANS?
A. It depends on Type of vehicle, Model/ variant and Km range.

Q. Can a customer avail the AMC at any of Maruti authorised workshops ?
A. No , these AMC policies are only issued & honoured at MSM workshops at Okhla,GTK & Chennai .


Q.What do you mean by 2K Paint System
A. This is a premium- urethame (PU) refinish system. The paint is dry by chemical reaction between two components & it is having a higher gloss & better durability and thickness of the paint film. OEM generally recognise 2K paint system and refinishing.

Q. What are the best practices that we observed in Refinish Paint System ?
A. We utilise an efficient system of process and equipment to bring the car back to its original finish

Q. What do you mean by crash repair system ?
A. Crash repair system is the Computerised Body pulling equipments which are used for straightening of the body parts .This also helps in setting the right the damaged body parts as per Maruti Suzuki original vehicle body dimensions .Body parts have to be strightened without damaging the original sheet parts and maintaining its strength.

Q. Which is the crash repair system used by MSM ?
A. We use the OEM recommended Car-O-Liner system .

Q. Which are the other equipments used at MSM for Body Shop Repairs ?
A. 3M Dry Sanding System, Infrared Dryer, Mig Welding, Spot Welding, Elgi Paint Booth

Q. What do you mean by DRY Sanding ?
A. Dry sanding is a mechanical system where the sanding action on the primer and putty during paint preparation is done by orbital sander fitted with 3M abrasives. Dry Sanding will produce uniform quality without wetting the surface, when the base paint will be applied it will have a better finish.

Q. What do you mean by Depreciation ?
A. For every part that is cleared and replaced under Insurance depending on the age of the vehicle & type of part . Following % of the value of the parts is payable by the Vehicle owner on account of depreciation.


All Rubber / Plastic parts 50% irrespective of the age of vehicle
Glass Parts NIL
Metal Parts Depending upon the age of the vehicle( See depreciation table)


Q. Why should I come to Maruti Service Masters for buiying certified Pre- Owened car?
A. 1. Every True Val;ue car is handpicked. 2. 120-Quality checks by Maruti Suzuki trained Engineers. 3.Bonafides of the Seller are Verifed.4. RTO Paper are transerred in you aname. 5. All cars refurbished with Maruti Genuine Parts.

Q. What does Maruti Certified cars mean ?
A. Certification is assurance of quality of the car that we deliver to you. You get a Maruti Suzuki warranty upto one-year and three free services only when Maruti Suzuki engineer certifies the car. Your car has passed through a comprehensive 120-point check to ascertain the Maruti Suzuki standard. The car you get is refurbished with Maruti genuine parts (MGP) and by Maruti Suzuki trained personnel at the state-of-the-art Maruti Suzuki authorized workshops. We also verify the bona fides of the seller.

Q. What criteria cars are sold under TrueValue?
A. Maruti Suzuki cars up to 10 years old and mileage up to 1,00,000 Km is the criteria for sale and purchase under TrueValue

Q. Is there any financing facility on the TrueValue cars?
A. Yes, There are attractive finance options are available. To find out more, you may visit the "Maruti Service Masters TrueValue" outlets.

Q. What are the documents I will get when I buy a TrueValue car?
A. You get a certificate signed by Maruti Suzuki engineer.
A warranty booklet signed by Maruti Suzuki Engineer.
Insuance Policy tranfered in your name.
Vehicle's Registration transferred in your name.

Q. What is the warranty criteria in true value?
A. There are three types of Warranty categories:-
PTV – One year warranty / 15000 Kms. Whichever occurs earlier & Three free service
STV – Six months warranty / 7500 Kms. Whichever occurs earlier & Three free service.
NTV – No warranty .

Q. Which are the parts covered under True Value warranty?
A. As per the warranty policy provided in the TRUE VALUE owner's manual, all mechanical and electrical parts are covered ( for details please refer to TRUE VALUE Dealer)

Q. What is the time period for the free services?
A. First Free Service:Within 45 to 60 days or running 1000 - 1500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of delivery) whichever occurs earlier.
Second Free Servgice: Within 90 to 120 days or running 5000 - 5500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of delivery) whichever occurs earlier.
Third Freee Serive: Within 210 to 240 days or running 10,000 - 10,500 km, (over and above the mileage at the time of delivery) whichever occurs earlier.

Q. What will be the TrueValue price of my car?
A. The TrueValue price of your car will arrive at through our transparent evaluation system, which looks in to the merits of your car,which will be based on 120 ponts to give you the best possible price of your Maruti Suzuki car.

Q. Where can I get the evaluation of my car done?
A. You may visit any of our Maruti Service Masters TrueValue out-lets. Our trained professionals will perform the evaluation of your car. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes, and then the best price will be offered to you.

Q. Where can I get the evaluation of my car done?
A. You may call of visit any of our Maruti TrueValue out lets in your city. Our trained professionals perform the evaluation of your car. The procedure would take 15-20 minutes, and then the price is offered to you

Q. How fast does a seller get the payments?
A. The payments in full immediately are made once the seller bona fides are verified at the RTO.and ahnding over of required documents in Orrignal i.e R.C, Insurance policy, Invoice, Address Proof. Id Proof etc.

Q. What is the Maruti Suzuki Exchange?
A. It is the most reliable way of exchanging/upgrading your existing car with a brand new Maruti Suzuki. You will get best value when you exchange your existing car of any make with a brand new one. We ensure that you get the best possible price on your car. You can choose from attractive exchange options on our wide range of products.

Q. Where can I avail this exchange facility?
A. You can avail this facility at any of the Maruti Service Masters True Value Out-lets

Q. What is the procedure for exchanging my car for a new Maruti Suzuki?
A. It is very simple. Our trained professionals will give the value of your car after a transparent evaluation. The value thus arrived is adjusted in the new car price you wish to buy. The remaining amount can be financed in very easy installments (EMI) or can be paid by cash. All other requirements like, finance, insurance, accessories are available under one roof. And we take care of all the documentation so you ca just drive in with your car and drive out with a brand new Maruti Suzuki.


Q. What is comperhansive/Package policy ?
A. Comprehensive Insurance Policy which coveres Liability as well as Own damage to insured vehicle. T& C apply as per IRDA (Insurance regulatory & Development Authority).

Q. What is Third party/Liability only policy?
A. Third party Insurance is a mandatory for all vehicles plying on public roads in India. This covers liability for injuries and damages to others that you are responsible for.

Q. What to do when my car's Insurance Policy falling due for Renewal?
A. Just call Maruti Service Masters Insurance section at @01140685500 & 9654957031 and we will do the rest to deliver your policy at yourstep.

Q. What to do if my car meets with an accident?
A. Simply inform or visit Maruti Service Masters/Maruti Insurance. We will assist you with your claim intimation and other fomalties to be carried out.Please ensure that the claim is intimated to Maruti Insurance within 24 hours of accident or on thenext working day.

Q. From where customer can get his vehicle insured and Which vehicles can be covered under Insurance renewal at MSM ?
A. Upto 10 year old All Maruti Suzuki Vehicles are covered under Insurance Renewal done at MSM. *(t&c Apply)
Only Package Policy (Comprehensive Insurance) can be taken, no Third Party policy is given.

Q. Can I convert my Car Insurance Policy of Other Insurance Co. to MI Policy?
A. Yes, you can convert your car insurance policy of other Insurance company to MI which will be espically with National Insurance Co Ltd ( NIC) & ICICI Lombard, New india. IFFCO TOKIO,ROYAL SUNDRAM,BAJAJ ALLIANZ In case you are willing for conversion you may contact our Insurance Executive.

Q. Can I transfer my No Claim Bonus (NCB) prevailing on my present policy to Insurance policy ?
A. Yes, the NCB can be carry forwarded to your vehicle Insurance Policy till the time No claim has been lodged.

Q. In case of migration to another city, what is to be done ?
A. Contact any Maruti Suzuki Dealer, who will assist you in the same way as MSM for endorsing the current address in your city.

Q. If I fit CNG or LPG kit to my vehicle,is it necessary to inform the Insurance Company?
A. In case CNG/LPG kit is fitted to the vehilce same to be endorsed in the RC of the vehicle,and at the same time insurance company should also be informed to have the kit covered on payment of extra premium on value of the kit under "OD" section and also under "TP" section.

Q. In case of post accident repair, will the insurance take care of all costs ?
A. In case of replacement of parts, depreciation depending on age of car and item replaced is applicable. This is as mentioned in your insurance policy.
Any extra job done (i.e. not related to the accident) by the workshop on your instructions, e.g. maintenance-related servicing, cost of towing in excess of Rs. 1500, and all other costs will be borne by you.
The actual cost of restoring your car to its pre-accident condition will be settled directly between the Customer and the insurance company.

Q. What is deductible?
A. The workshop will inform you the costs to be borne by you towards depreciation, extra job done and amount under excess clause over and above will be payable. There is a normal standard/complusary excess for the most vehicles ranging form Rs.500 to Rs 2000 depending upon the cc of the vehicle,This must be paid to the Maruti Suzuki Dealer before the repaired car is delivered back to you.

Q. Does Insurance company charges extra Premium for its Unique Benefits?
A. No, Motor Insurance is a Tariff Insurance Product, which means the premium has to be same for all Companies, provided they offer the same cover.
The premium rates can differ only when there are some exclusion in the Cover.
Factors affecting Premium are:
Third Party Cover (TP)
The Premium based on Vehicle CC. It covers TP Life for Unlimited Value and and TP Property damage for Rs. 7.5 Lacs. There is an option to reduce the insurance company liability from 7.5 Lacs to Rs. 6000, the premium would reduce by Rs.100.
Owner/ Driver Personal Accident Cover
It is mandatory to give, its insures Vehicle Owner for Rs. 2 Lacs, premium cost is Rs. 100.

But in case the Owner has another vehicle in his name, and has taken this cover in that vehicle also, this Cover can be made Optional, and premium can be reduced by Rs.100.
Anti Theft Device discount
If you car is fitted with anAnti Theft Alarm , Central locking system (with remote), you are entitled for an Anti theft Discount, which can be upto Rs. 500, depending on your Total Premium.
Voluntary Excess/ Deductible
This is an option that if the Customer agrees to bear the first claim cost upto Rs. 2500/5000/7500/15000, the customer can get discount upto Rs.750 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 respectively at the time of taking Insurance.
Personal Accident Cover for Passengers
This is Optional Cover. Its cost is Rs.100 per passenger, for cover of Rs. 2 Lac.
Rs.2 Lac is the maximum coverage that can be offered, it can be reduced proportionately upto Rs.5 for Rs.10000 cover.
Registration City : Premium Rate varies based on Registration City also.
Other factors which are for Premium Calculations are:
Insured Declared Value (IDV), Insured Vehicle Value Engine CC
Discounts- No Claim Bonus, details as given below in case no accidental claim is made:
2nd year – 20% of Own damage value
3rd year - 25% of own damage value
4th year - 35% of own damage value
5th year - 45% of own damage value
6th year and more – 50% of own damage value
Automobile Association Membership
CNG / LPG- Inbuilt or External
Electrical / Non Electrical Accessories insured
Vehicle type- Private or Commercial
Customer type- Individual/ Corporate